Second Founder's Pack DISAPPEARED

Hi there, I noticed last night that my second Founder’s Pack (platinum) was available to claim which was exciting to see it pop up so soon. However, I did not claim it yet and waiting to log in today to claim it but now it’s gone. It no longer shows up in my product inventory I have no clue how it would have disappeared do I need to contact support is there anyone that can look into this for me? Thank you so much for any help.

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At least you were able to see it pop up, i got silver and plat packs but never got mine that they said theyd give


Well that scares me more than if I hadn’t received at all yet. Distribution is still happening but since I technically already received mine and it disappeared I feel like I am going to be overlooked unless I create a ticket or something

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I suppose I will keep waiting, the distribution ends at 2pm PT today so maybe just maybe it will work itself back out by then. If not I will contact support. Crossing my fingers for a smooth process for everyone to get theres!

Update: I got the Launch Celebration pack just now but my second Platinum Founder’s Pack is still not here. Been 24 hours since the handouts started.

Same here. Had the founders pack in my shop inventory but didn’t claim it yet. Now it’s gone.
The game never told me, that it will expire. A little unfortunate…

IGN: SirKayto/Kaymo
Server: Kadan
Founders Pack: Platinum

Same here. Yesterday the founder’s pack showed up in my product inventory, today when logging in, it is gone.

I also haven’t received the launch celebration gift and my shop isn’t working. Shop says it is under maintenance, while my boyfriend who is sitting right next to me has no problems entering it and he has all the above mentioned items in his product inventory.

What the hell is going on?

Same here.
My Aura and Title (unused Title) just disappeared while the Pet is still there.

Same situation here. Had the pack pop up yesterday. Didn’t claim it and now it just disappeared. Also no launch celebration gift and shop gives me “under maintenance” message/

Same here. My Platinum and Silver packs are no longer in my product inventory and, for the first time, crystalline aura is not active for me either.

I recived my first founder pack. Kept it in my inventory (used title/pet/mount) but my skins and other chests I kept in my inventory. Today I received the other founder pack, and everything in my inventory was gone.

Do we not get the starter packs btw? :thinking:

You guys are getting your founder’s packs? :sob:

With the shop down the product inventory isn’t accessible. It’s not empty, it’s just not working. If they get the shop issue fixed both the inventory and the aura should be fixed.

But we are waiting a week for that to happen already.

Same here. Yesterday the founder’s pack bronze and gold showed up in my product inventory, today when logging in, it is gone.
Aura is offline too.
I also don’t get my prime gaming items.

IGN: Noximilien
Server: Thirain

Same here. Yestarday i have something in my product inventory, but due to item shop maintenence i wasn’t able to claim that. Today i lost my aura, lost crystals and second founder pack.

IGN: Matel
Server: WEI EU Central