Second Founder's Pack question

I definitely redeemed my FIRST Founder’s Pack before February 14th… as I had access to the game prior to release (February 11th), at least February 9th (when I earned my first achievement) @ 9AM.
Unfortunately, I was unaware of this “Second Founder’s Pack” event… and thought I was just stuck with the queues, and wait times… because you know, whatever… I’m a patient guy.
Did I miss out on being able to receive a second Founder’s Pack for a new Main on a different server? I understand the “deadline” was February 14th… but was that to redeem our first Founder’s Pack? I’m a bit confused on the wording in the post after finding out about it today (February 16th).

Why weren’t these Second Packs just given to us in our in-game mailboxes??
Then I could just have a smile on my face, running 2 characters with Founder’s Skins… instead of laying here in bed, crying… that someone, somewhere received twice as much as I did for the same price :confused:

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I seem to have found something useful for anyone with the same question ::
Lost Ark Second and Double Founder’s Packs Have Not Been Delivered Yet, Deadline Extended - News - Icy Veins (

Hopefully this post (linked) answers more questions like mine.

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Hello @Kusch welcome to the forums!

Since you were able to redeem it previous to the 14th you’ll be granted the items!

You can check the following information to ease your mind:

Remember it’s not a second FP but an extra set of the exclusive items from the Founder’s Pack.

On the meantime please look for the perfect server to call home on Arkesia!

I hope the information is helpful and have a great day.

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Hello, is there any ETA for the extra sets for the Founder`s packs?

I find it pretty ironic that they are giving an extra set because people want to play on different servers but they don’t release it yet. I don’t understand the point. So what are people supposed to do? Continue playing on the server they want to leave while waiting?

“On the meantime please look for the perfect server to call home on Arkesia!”
Play on the server you choose without founder’s rewards
it’s the only way !

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Awesome! Thanks for the update! I plan on staying on the original server I started on! So this is such a gift from the Devs!!

It PAYS to be a Lone Wolf! :sunglasses:

Will these extra items be tradeable like their original founder’s pack counterparts because I would really like to give the Cerberus Mount to a friend of mine who missed out on the Founder’s Packs! With this logic, he also has to join my server :smiling_imp:

But anyway! I am SO happy I’ll be receiving another Northern Lawmaker and Platinum Founder’s Exclusive skin!!! Thank you all again!

Hey @Victorious no unfortunately we do not have any estimated time frame.

You’re more than welcome @Kusch!

And I don’t see why not. But to make sure lets wait for the official news, so stay on top! #official-news

Have a great day everyone, I really hope you’re all enjoying your time on Arkesia!

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You can leave and play on another server whenever you want, the founder’s pack is sent to your mail, so you can see it in any server/roster when it’s delivered.
I believe they’re giving players enough time to find a server they wanna settle on first, and then you’ll be able to decide where to claim the founder’s pack.

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing great!

We’ve got news:

Below it says:

Players will begin receiving these grants on Saturday, February 19, and they will roll out throughout the course of the day.

Hope this is helpful, see you on Arkesia!