Second game without GM's to address in-game issues?

Good morning,

Just to set the stage for anyone that isn’t interested in reading the detail below, the TLDR is Amazon has no meaningful way to report in-game issues to them while in-world. (Except for being able to report other players).

As most of you have probably realized at this point, there’s no way to contact support for in-game issues while in-game. This was the same for New World and despite promises of GM’s being hired to handle these matters, it never happened. Amazon will defer you to their Amazon Games Support support site that has zero involvement or power to influence, fix, or address any in-game matters because to Amazon’s admission, the people that handle those issues are “part of a different team”. This makes reaching out to amazon games support relatively useless. You have to argue with support to get them to log a ticket for in-game issues. They do not do this as part of their standard operating procedure today. The net effect of this is that your customers do not have a meaningful and impactful way to contact you when/if problems arise.

This lack of due diligence and process adds to your customers feeling disconnected from you as the production company and service provider. You’ve made this mistake once, please don’t do it a second time. There’s no reason why you cannot hire and employ in-game GM’s, build in a reporting system, and allow your customers to report in-game matters to you. These support people should have the power and ability to make changes where necessary, ban offenders, and carry out necessary actions to remediate any issues that arise. This is a standard expectation of any MMO and it’s concerning that you’ve made the conscious decision to ignore the importance and significance of this implementation.

The second part to this is with regards to your policies involving refunding players for items that are lost as the direct result of an error on Amazon’s behalf. This is not only absurd; it is downright despicable. You have customers paying you their hard-earned money in exchange for items via your store. If some mechanism isn’t working properly, and the customer doesn’t receive their item, you’ve absolved yourself of all responsibility in this matter. Further to that point, Amazon has implemented a non-negotiable refund policy that can be viewed below.

Amazon Refund Policy

To save you a bit of time, the relevant piece of this policy can be seen below

After release, all games developed and/or published by Amazon Games and purchased from Amazon are non-returnable and non-refundable at this time. This includes digital items purchased or unlocked through in-game stores.

The translation of the above is that Amazon is under no obligation to refund you for any lost items.

This policy should be amended to state that under extenuating circumstances where Amazon is found responsible for any loss of purchase, they will in good faith, refund or replace any lost items. Charging customers for a service they’re not receiving is nothing short of criminal.

You have a dedicated following with this game - there are a lot of things that are done right. Please don’t ruin this by repeating previous mistakes that have proven time over to not only be ineffective but also encourage a divide between you and your customers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have no reasonable expectations that I’ll receive a response to this, but I’d encourage everyone to chime in with their thoughts on this matter.