Second lawmaker is now no longer roster bound, what about the second platinum founder's skin?

For some odd and unknown reason, the second lawmaker skin that you get is now no longer roster bound and is stuck on whatever character you had it on before the Valtan patch

Does anyone know if the second platinum founder’s skin is also character-bound now? I haven’t opened mine yet and I had planned to open it on one of my same class alts so I could transfer them back and forth. That plan is ruined if the skin is now character-bound regardless…

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You can trade skins 3 times. If you shove it around on your alts, you lose trades everytime until it is bound.

The issue with that skin is it can’t be dyed unlike the first version because they’re different.

I personally like the 2nd skin or “Original” more but can’t dye it so RIP.

Moving skins between roster taking up trades is pretty dumb though.

does the 2nd skin not have the cape attached? i haven’t opened the box yet because after the lawmaker change i shelved the set forever. it was so much better without the cape

Same here…they changed in the latest patch. They used to be roster bound now is bound. @Roxx Can you check on this?

My first skin set was changed to have a cape attached, the assassin version

Did they change both? I’ve looked at the Assassin specifically in the AH and the one with the cape cannot be dyed which is the 2nd. Least I was pretty sure. I haven’t opened either myself.

In the opposite I wanted the back decorations.

I’ve seen both versions on the AH.

Not sure.



I bought Omen for my Blade cuz I wasn’t sure of platinum for her and because of this screwy skin difference. So it was literally changed and I never read anything about this… Cool. wtf

Oooh I just realized something. I had a third Lawmaker lying around and Set A is the original.

If you select B or C it’ll include the full cape.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. The trades only get used up on AH transactions. I’ve never transferred my second lawmaker skin before it got bugged but I can transfer my ark pass skin, which doesn’t have trade limits like the second lawmaker skin, freely between my characters.

A lot of odd/bad info here that it is hard to know where to begin.

So I have the “2nd platinum skin” on Artillerist.
It has been “untradeable” and only for that class but now trying to move the skin to roster storage it denies me.
This seems new.

I have a mage set for the “2nd lawmaker skin” unboxed.
It is currently on my storage character that is Wardancer.
This I could earlier move between different mages over roster storage and eventually to my storage character.
These are now stuck on my wardancer and can not be moved to roster storage.
Confirmed sudden strange change there.

These from “2nd lawmaker skin” boxes never had the “can be traded X times” they were just “untradeable” but could be moved between your characters.

Skins with “can be traded X times” also don’t loose “trades” between your own characters on same roster.

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So I have the “2nd platinum skin” on Artillerist.
It has been “untradeable” and only for that class but now trying to move the skin to roster storage it denies me.
This seems new.

Thank you, that’s what I wanted to know and the rest of what you said is also correct. So it seems the second plat skin is also bugged… and considering the second lawmaker skins have been undyeable since day one I have 0 hopes that this will be fixed either.

there is no 3 trades on bound skins

they are bound

but some bound skins are still tradable on roster and the lawmaker was one of those skins, but no longer apparently

it was always bound, no 3 trades, u could just put it in roster storage which you cant anymore

i see, my bad

If the second platinum chest still has shop skins in it almost four months later, what makes you think they are going to bother with this?