Second Platinum Complimentary pack gave wrong skin

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This one too. Let’s bring some attention to this issue. I’m sick of it and want my plat weapon skin already not some bullshit blue crystal store weapon. FAKE ADVERTISEMENT

@Fenrirskoll contacted me and suggested to contact amazon games. Their response was “sorry, intended to be like this”. This is very misleading and fraudulent practice.

Support response:
I’ve consulted this issue further and I can confirm that the ‘Aeons Aura Gauntlets’ skin is exclusive to the original Platinum Founder’s Pack — this pack is tradeable, which confirms that the pack shown on the right side of the screenshot is indeed the original pack.
When it comes to the second Platinum Founder’s Pack (on the left of the screenshot, untradeable), it only contains the ‘Destined Aura Gauntlets’ instead which is fully intended.

Ya this is still bugged and needs to be fixed.