Second Power Pass missing

I used my Vern powerpass on a new character and if im not mistaken I’m supposed to get another one. I used the pass and did the prologue story telling, but didnt get the second power pass.

Did i do it wrong or am i looking in the wrong place?

Saw on your other post that you’re a returning player so a lot has changed with the power passes. I could be mistaken but I’m assuming the power pass you are waiting to receive is currently disabled along with other passes. I’d recommend skimming through some of the patch notes about the passes, so you understand all their requirements etc. It can be a pain sometimes.

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Ah ok. Yeah i casually play the game. I made a Glaiver with the first power pass i got and started looking up how to get another. From videos i have seen im basically supposed to get one right after using the new chatacter, but have yet to get it. Not sure if this is part of the bugs or fixes?

More than likely this is your issue. I just don’t way to say it is 100% your issue since I don’t play the game lol. But I also know some passes have some pesky requirements for players that play the game off and on, so there’s a chance that could be stopping you too.

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Yeah you’re supposed to receive the 2nd pass in the mail right after using the first pass. However powerpass is temporarily disabled. So that’s why you are not receiving it.

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Thanks much both you for the assistance!