Second Powerpass Issue

Hello AGS team,

I created my first account with a bronze founder’s pack on Valtan and had reached 50 during the headstart launch and because I reached 50 there was a Vern Powerpass that was given (claimed but not used).

However during launch Valtan was locked and my group of 8 - 9 friends were unable to join me. So I had to re-make my character on Berg. While on Berg, I purchased a Plat founder and I rel-leveled and got to 50, and claimed 1 Vern Powerpass here, however I didn’t receive the 2nd Powerpass as stated.

I figured it could be because I initially claimed on Valtan and thus the system thinks that I’ve already claimed 2. However, could I kindly request to have my 2nd Powerpass used on Berg instead? (The one on Valtan is unused and in my storage).

I’ve already wasted time on Valtan and would like to seek your understanding with this matter. Thank you very much for your time!

Hi there, I hope you are doing great

@Psyris powerpass are restricted to two free ones per region.

Unfortunately, we are not granting additional passes at this time

Thank you for your understanding.


Valtan and Berg are in the same region though. I have the same issue, a claimed but not used powerpass on a different server in the SAME region (NA WEST).

Yes, I do understand they are part of the same region, however Psyris redeemed one in Valtan and the second one in Berg. (feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Which means Psyris already got two free powerpass.

I am not sure if I understand your concern @chen.k, can you confirm if you are talking about your first, second or a third powerpass.

Looking forward hearing from you.

I claimed a powerpass on Valtan and did not use it on a character yet. I started fresh on the Shandi server because of character creation lockout, claimed and used my first powerpass to boost an alt there and did not receive my second after using it. I can’t use the one from Valtan on Shandi either. Both servers are in the same region. So the powerpasses are locked to the server once you claim them? and not actually use them?

If that is the case, then people like me got screwed over because when I claimed my first powerpass on Valtan I thought my friends would be joining on launch. But then Valtan and other founders servers got character locked and my friends and I decided to play on Shandi instead. So now I have a powerpass sitting unused in a server I don’t play anymore.

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I have an issue with the first pass, I received the notification but I never received the email to redeem the ticket. from aldebaran server.

Hi there

Just to be sure, you have claimed a powerpass on Valtan and you used one on Shandi? If yes, then we won’t be able to offer a third powerpass as you technically already claimed two @chen.k .

I do se your point of not using the one you claimed from Valtan but right now, we don’t have the option to offer a third one. I will share this cases with the team, I do recommend you to use the feedback section of the forum for extra visibility.

@Madosta , that seems to be a different issue, in your case I do recommend you to try basic troubleshooting steps and reach us via a live channel if the issue persist.

-Restart game
-Verify game files (Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files)
-You can reach us here: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Thank you for your understanding chen.k and I hope this helps Madosta.

Have a great week.

Hello, I have a question aswell. I started on Zinnervale server but on friday there was an annoucement that new players ( also my 8 friends) cant join me on zinnervale. so I decided to switch to Sceptrum server.

and my main problem is I already used on that server those 2 free powerpasses. Is there any chance to get them aswell on Sceptrum because I am not planning to play on zinnervale at all.

It just sad.

Hi Stooh,

Thank you for getting back to me!

Does this mean if I use the unused Pass in Valtan, I’m able to apply that cross-server to Berg?

Because as I shared, I was unable to utilize my Pass in Valtan because of the server lock (it’s claimed but unused in storage).

Hello guys! Just an update I spoke to someone from AGS and I’m sorry to say that they have misinformed me.

So after speaking to Felipe from AGS customer service and after confirming with him what he said was true. I just used my powerpass in VALTAN and guess what, I’m still UNABLE to use my powerpass in Berg.

He really had my hopes up, was looking forward to this after the maintenance but was utterly disappointed by AGS yet again :frowning:

Would love some support on this, thank you kindly!

Hi there everyone, I hope you have a great day.

Unfortunately, we are not granting additional passes at this time, thank you for your understanding @mickey134. We’ll inform everyone through the official site and forums if there is any further news.

I do apologize for the misunderstanding @Psyris. It is two passes in total per region. Apologies, I believe they didn’t read the part about claiming your first powerpass on Valtan.

Of course, I will escalating this case for us to calibrate and make sure the information provided is accurate.

Thank you for understanding.

Hello Stooh,

I have started playing the game on EU Central - Kadan server together with my friends. We changed to EU Central - Inanna server because 3/4 of our gaming community couldn’t create characters on our server due to locks. All of us used our Packs-Powerpasses at Inanna so we won’t change any servers from now on.

I have finished the quest required for Power Pass at Kadan server just before server locks happened. My first Power Pass is still sitting in my in-game mailbox. I didn’t claim it.
I leveled another character to 50 at Inanna and recieved recieved my 2nd Power Pass after completing main story quests. I have used the power pass I recieved at Inanna to boos a character. When I finished all the quests of the boosted character I didn’t recieve any other Power Pass.

I need to have my 1st Power Pass to be transferred from Kadan to Inanna server. I hope I can recieve it because I still didn’t claim it from in-game mail.

I can give my server - character names.
What steps shall I follow so my 1st Power Pass can be recovered?
I won’t be playing at Kadan so its completely useless for me if I can’t use it on Inanna server.

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Hi there @globaldeli

We are not granting additional passes nor transferring powerpasses at this time, thank you for your understanding.

Fee free to use the feedback section on the forum for any feedback: Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

Thank you and I hope you have a great day.

Majority of players had to swap servers because of locks. Many people were informed wrongly about Powerpasses by Amazon staff. Many people wasted at least one of their Power Pass. This problem is mainly caused by your side and harmed many players. It happened to a lot of people around me too and it is something serious in my opinion because I’ve seen many players quitting due to it because the answer they got was negative when they sent a ticket.

I think these people deserves to be able to use their powerpass in any server they want if they still didn’t claim their powerpass from their in-game mailbox.

Since obtaining Vern’s Power Pass is an automated process and it’s tied to main story quest progress so it can’t be avoided. This is the root of the problem. When it appears in your in-game mailbox it can be only used on that server. We are being awarded 2 free Power Pass tokens for each region but many people wasted or wasn’t able to use them because they changed their servers.

This problem can be easily solved by;

  1. Making Powerpass appear on product inventory instead of in-game mailbox. At least that way people can claim it in any server they want and use it. Currently it’s an automated process and can’t be avoided when progressing through game. At least this way people could claim it manually on any server they want by their own will.
  2. Claiming and using Powerpass Token enables Powerpass for all characters in all servers on that region. For example use the token at server X and your character at server Y can boost to 50 by using it.

We started with 80+ people and half of them stopped playing when they learned they can’t use their powerpass on new server even though they never used/claimed them on their previous server. They either didnt use any powepass or could only use single because first one appeared on their first server. Many of them sent a ticket to Support but they were refused.

There are a lot of people who are affected by this. We are not asking from you to hand us new powerpasses. Just give people who didn’t claim their powerpasses from their old server to their new server.

Thanks in advance…


Thank you for the feedback @tugayakpinar, feel free to use the correct section for it. Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

Of course, I will share this feedback with the team but let’s keep the “game support” section about issues related to support.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hello, replying here because i think this directly relates to my situation and am hoping for further clarification. Started on Mari server and ended up having to switch to Shandi because of Mari being locked and wanting to be able to play with others that would be joining after the f2p window opened. On Mari, I made it to the end of Vern and got a Powerpass in the mail, but never took it out of the mail. After moving to Shandi, i fell under the ‘only got 1 powerpass’ category.
I’m understanding that this is because of only being able to distribute 2 passes per region, but is there any discussion/plan to transfer in the future or provide another pass if only 1 is redeemed? And with the previous question in mind, would it be wise to not touch the previous pass at all? i noticed there was a 25 day expiration on the mail containing it and was wondering what i should do about it.

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Hi there @AyyySensei , I hope you are doing great.

To answer your question, yes, I can confirm we are only offering two power passes per region right now. We are not granting a third one right now

As for the powerpass in your mailbox, you can take it out.

Of course this can change in the future but I’d rather not speculate as we don’t have any further info. We’ll inform you in the forums and official site if there is any changes in this regard.

I do recommend you to use the “feedback” section to provide a better visibility for these issues, it makes it easier for our team to find it.

Edit: forgot to address the question about the mail.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and I do appreciate your understanding.


Hello Stooh,
I have leveled one character at Kadan server and I got one free powerpass. Its in in-game mail. I didn’t claim it. It’s still sitting in mailbox, untouched.
I have leveled another character at Inanna server and I got my second powerpass. I claimed this one and used it to boost a character. I want to play at Inanna server.

But my first powerpass is stuck at the character on Kadan server. I can’t claim it from Inanna because it’s not shown when I open in-game mail.
I can only claim it from Kadan but if I do that it’s pointless because I am not playing at Kadan.

I didn’t claim first powerpass with the hopes of getting a refund.

Since I didn’t claim the powerpass at Kadan server from in-game mail, I want it to be transferred to Inanna server so I can use it at Inanna. I am not asking for an additional powerpass. I just want to be able to use my first powerpass which is sitting at in-game mail on my current server: Inanna

Please help me with this.

Hi there @globaldeli

Thank you for taking the time to reach us, we appreciate it.

To answer your question, we don’t have the option to transfer items (which were already claimed/delivered) from one server to another. This might chance but not at the moment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hello Stooh,

Sorry for keeping you busy, I won’t bother you guys about this topic anymore after you answer the questions I have asked below.

From what I understand @globaldeli said he didn’t claim it from his in-game mail. Which means he didn’t touch it at all. But you said he can’t get his Power Pass back because he claimed/recieved it.

Just to be sure, when we complete the required main quest “Vern Powerpass” appears at our in-game mail. Is it counted as claimed/delivered the moment it appears at in-game mail? Even if people doesn’t take it from in-game mail to their character’s inventory they can’t get a compensation. Am I understanding right? I had to ask these questions because people around me has been bothering me about this so I can give them a clear answer.

Vern Powerpass is automatically rewarded when completing a main story quest and it appears automatically at character’s in-game mail not Product Inventory.

In-game mail is character bound while Product Inventory is account bound. So people can’t access it from another server.

They can’t avoid getting a free Power Pass Token. It blocks people from playing if they don’t want to get it. It’s awarded from a quest that must be completed. If they don’t they simply can’t play the game. Majority of the people who has a problem like this had to swap servers when server locks happened. They are saying they re punished by buying game’s founders packs to have a headstart. They lost some stuff from their founder packs, lost their twitch drops and prime loots, lost at least a single powerpass if they completed main story quests, they lost their 3-day headstart oppurtunity and they now has to level more characters manually so they can reach 6 characters with knowledge transfer feature which costs in-game gold too…

This doesn’t makes sense to me at all.

Have a nice day…


I have found this information which is made by an amazon support staff. It’s a really clear and accurate answer about how Power Passes are granted to players. But this doesn’t explain why players can’t get a compensation. They will still have only 2 free power pass at their region like every other people. In other mmorpg games people can even get their deleted items back by simply writing a ticket about it. I believe Amazon and Smilegates has the ability to do this too

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