Second Powerpass issues

Hello, hope you’re doing well !

So here is my issue :

  • I leveled up 50 (completed Vern) during the prerelease (8th to 11th before the maintenance)
  • I changed my server on the 11th release due to extra long queues to play with my friends not being able to create chars on Trixion.
  • Once 50 on my new server and Vern completed I received my powerpass ticket which I used yesterday on my roster char, but I didn’t receive the second one.

I’ve seen on one topic that we can only have 2 powerpasses on each account, but since my first one on Trixion hasn’t been used (since we had to move on a new server to play due to those issues), my request would be to have my second one on the server I play.

Having to pay 600g due to server issues is a bit awkward, so I hope that you could do something about that.

Thank you a lot for reading, I wish you to have a wonderful day !