Second powerpass not found

So i got the 1 Vern pass last year but i can’t find the second one. I checked mail, every character… and still nothing. Please help me

HI @Xaxaxa :lion:

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In this case the best option to check the status of your powerpass is contacting our live support:

Remember to submit the name of your character / server.

Safe travels in Arkesia! :world_map: :crossed_swords:

its been long time for me… so i cant remember much.

i think u need complete Ealyn quest something on any your alt to get second north vern power pass


You’re correct, in order to get the second powerpass, you must completed Ealyn’s Gift for a second time! If you have done so and you still can’t find the powerpass, don’t hesitate to Contact us using the link that @Lyon provided, so that our colleagues can help you raise web ticket to address your specific situation!