Second Twitch Drops not working

Hello, i wonder if someone else is encountering this problem.
So the twitch drops have been returned a second time over this weekend. Now i’ve been watching lost ark streams for over 5 hours straight (yes, they have “Drops enabled”).
And it hasn’t even started to count my watchtime. Am i unable to get the Drops a second time? I dont get it, what am i doing wrong. The first time the drops were there it worked perfectly fine.

Have same problem.

Same problem - Amazon advised that we could get them a second time. Even streamers are saying this. I moved from EUC to EUW and want to be able to get them on this account as EUC Queue is always stupid unless 5am in morning.

It’s second chance for players who haven’t got the drops yet. Right now it’s possible to progress this:

People who claimed the drops in EU-Cent will get the drops again in EU-West:

Oh, that makes sense. And i wondered why im not getting em.

Thank you for the information.

Have a great day all :slight_smile:

So, for me that I have claimed all my drops on EUC, I just have to wait March 7 and I’ll have my loot? (asking just to be sure)

That’s correct.

i still didnt got it what i need to do?