Secret Map - kick

I entered a secret map with four people. When entering it was on the load screen stating that 2/4 and not loaded I was thrown out and consumed the secret map. This secret map, i lose?

I’m to hear about your secret map being consumed.

I will move your post over to our Game Support section for assistance.

thanks for the attention.
If you know anything, and you want to consult my character, follow the data:
Char: Pernambucanoo
Server: Blackfang

Hello @jvcneto ,

Greetings to you! :handshake:

I am sorry to know that your secret map was consumed.

Thanks for sharing the details of your character, I will get this investigated.

If possible, please do share the tie/time-zone and date when this happened.

Thank you!

one day ago, 02/12/2023. Utc - 4.

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the problem isn’t those people but you were disconnected in loading screen. People can’t wait 5 min for a 20 sec map. They finished it & you lost the map. Sorry for you but nothing you can do.

I honestly think you have a problem understanding text. I asked a question related to the entry of the secret map, because I did not take disconnection. After waiting a few minutes returned to the entrance of the map.
I did not enter and asked if this can actually consume your map, just wanted confirmation that in fact consumes the map or not. And the support will analyze the question, whether I came in or not.

@Helianthus I want to thank you for your help and your attention, I believe that after analysis they found that in fact had lost entry to the secret map. And today 16/02/2023 I received the map. Thank you very much and this finding is proof that the professionals of the forums cares about us.

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