Secret Map missing loots

I did multiple t2 secret maps and almost every single run had missing pouches.
For legendary map, I only got 6 large pouches. For 3 epic and 1 rare maps, I only 3x pouch each.

I was told by my party members that they also encountered the same bug, some only received 2x pouches.

These were all Feiton maps btw.

Hi there, sysuser00! I’ve reported this issue in a different thread, however thank you for letting us know you’ve been having this issue as well.

Something similar happened to us in South Vern maps, when we enter with 4x map and kill the boss but one of us was still far away, there were only 3 pouches.

  • 4 people go inside
  • 3 people hit the boss
  • loot: 3x pouch
  • the late guy gets nothing

Similar problem here. Has been happening for the last two weeks for Punika secret maps. Only receiving solo loot for rare, epic, and legendary tier maps when completing secret map in a party of 4. All members in party shared map. Submitted a support ticket about a week ago but no response.

Ok, support finally replied to my ticket but they are saying that the drops are RNG, that’s why some loots are missing. That’s kinda bull though, the drops are not RNG, we use 4 maps that’s why we get 4x the drops. Can someone confirm this?