Secret Maps - what's the most efficient?

Heya guys,

I’m not really an expert on Secret Maps but I was wondering… Is it better to use the Transform function (or whatever it’s called) to upgrade your rare/epic maps into legendaries before doing them ? Or is it better to just use whatever you got from your Chaos Gate, even if it’s just a Blue ?

generally its better to just do them as you get them, especially if you care about shards

ill transform blue into Purple due legendary engravings. (obvs its just a chance)

You can still get legendary engraving from blue maps. So I think it’s better to not upgrade and just go with whatever maps you have. That way you don’t lose anything.


oh really? didnt know that. Thanks alot mate

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Yes I once got an Adrenaline book from blue map. Still have the screenshot somewhere in my computer. I have to say that the chance to get gold book (in both blue and purple maps) is low though, and then getting a valuable one is even lower. But it can still happen. Best of luck!

Thanks guys for the replies!
I had the habit to just transform them into legendaries back in the days my EUW server was dead and there was no one to do maps with, but I guess I’ll restart doing them after each chaos gate then! :slight_smile:

think i got cursed doll from blue

Whats best to do with those rift things that drop in chaos gates?

dont forget to do the “pacifist” achievement (do not kill anything in map dungeon and exit), using a t1 legendary map. this is the only time I would do the map upgrades, if I had lower lvl t1 and need a leg t1 for that achievement so you can get that card…

I use them to buy the map chests. I just save and buy the one that can give you legendary or epic. I dont know if thats the best use but that what buy with them.

Map exchange vendor

  • They sell chests with maps at various levels.
  • Opening each chest gives you a chance of obtaining a good map, but unfortunately it’s entirely random.
  • Depending on the city the Exchangers offer chests on different levels, so purchase them from the furthest discovered continent if you want to obtain those close to your ilvl.

I see, and we are missing 1 new area from other versions right? Any idea if its benefitial to save until then?