Secrets of [location] achievements - how to get more maps?

Hi Peeps,

I wanted to clear out a few achievements for the cards.

I have a few of them for the earlier areas

Any advice on how to get the maps easier? I killed mobs for a bit but no maps dropped :frowning: Not sure if I’m just super unlucky or not

The only way of getting a guaranteed map is through Chaos Gates, otherwise is RNG, you might get better luck with special mob enemies (the gray ones that appear on minimap) or with dungeon bosses, also field bosses are very likely to drop one, but it’s REALLY hard to find them and have a respawn time of 30 mins.

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You get 1 per chaos gate plus you can spend your rift shards at the map vendor. Notnsure your ilvl but this may mean giving up precious T3 loot from South Vern or Punika as you can only get a map from 1 chaos gate a day when they are up

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Craft them in your stronghold, you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to the special crafting tab and you can make them. Also of you have alts just hit the world bosses frome Retharnis to Shushire. Do not get confused between these and the field bosses. These bosses will respawn every 30 min and you can do them as much as you want

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Hunting maps also count towards the completion for this, although it’ll take a while to get enough pelts and hunting level 30…

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Awesome thank you