Seeing Enchant materials in Store is

So weird, I feel like playing MMO private server in 2010 made only by kid running on java only for money. BDO is saint here compared to LA shop where you can get mats immediaty via Mastercard.

Skins, pets etc okay but literally all stuff needed for improving gs? This gives me so negative vibes.
The saddest thing is that this is just the beginning. What’s next? A pack of end game sets for dollars?

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The business model is getting money from impatient players for minimal progression. Providing a quick way to gear up would earn less money so it’s unlikely.

Idk why this bothers so many people. This doesnt harm you in an PvP sense. it does not GATE you from any content in the game. The amount you would have to pay to do it all with swiping would be ludicrous. Why does this bother you so much. Just play the game how you want to and make friends and play with them. This nonsense of every player thinking the are at the cutting edge of all content and need to be at peak competitive level compared to the greasy guy that plays 19 hours a day is absurd. Just play the game and stop complaining

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Hey, I spent a ton of money in BDO, BDO is WAY more predatory lol.

They sold artisan memories in the shop from day one, and if you failed your gear was destroyed.

With lost ark if you play with a couple of alts you’ll get to the point where you can do pretty much everything in time (not +25 on every item, but anyone that argues that is doing so in bad fatih). In BDO you could potentially be stunlocked permanently and many people just stop trying.

Don’t play the game, follow me for more tips :sunglasses:

IF someone wants to pay 1000s of euros to reduce couple days of farming, which i will catch up with in long run. I say go for it. Support amazon xD in long run doesnt make difference. Game has catch up mechanics and upgrading stacks after failing. Eventually you gonna be same as someone that spent thousands of euros. He will never own something you cannot achieve by simply playing the game for free. Even the cosmetics since you earn a lot of gold by playing and can exchange for crystals

Who cares if there are such items in the shop ? I play my game the way i want and i am not bothered at all if other players cheat there way to the top with lots of money.

Consider this… You need roughly 1500 shards per gear item to upgrade it past a certain point. For 2500 harmony shards the cash shop wants 23 Blue Crystals (at an approximate value of 55 cents) this would mean that upgrading your gear a single + would be approximately 9000 shards or $3.24. And that doesn’t even have a full chance of working.
So, in the cash shop, you can buy $3.24 for a chance to roll +1 on your gear.

On the other hand, do two chaos dungeons and a couple daily quests rewarding shards (This would take approximately 15 minutes) and you will likely get the same number of shards.

This is an analysis of just harmony shards, not considering leap stones, or the other two types of currency needed to upgrade (red/blue shards).

Even the video from the Russian player that claimed you’d need over 2 years to fully upgrade your gear is misleading. If you upgrade any set of gear past +15 you’re doing so because it’s the highest level of gear that is currently released and you have already leveled all of your alts to +15 of the same exact gear. This would hardly take 2 years, since most of the upgrade expense occurs from +16 and above.

I’m not trying to defend the company, I don’t care how they make money as long as I can play the game, I’m just trying to add some perspective to the situation.