Seems Bots is an issue again

its about 12 in the morning for me an am sitting in a 9k queue, an nobody can convince me that most of that is real players especially with a game that now has mixed reviews lol

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“again” ? ^^’

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The numbers are right back to what they were after their most recent ‘ban wave’ that saw some Koreans players unable to access the game.

Every measure they have taken only resolves the issue for a day at most, before the bots get their patches and go right back to doing what they do. They will not give up easily because it is so lucrative to RMT in LA since the demand for gold is high.

AGS needs to enforce stricter policies on accounts they catch engaging in RMT to kill the demand. Getting a ban on any game on your Steam account has the potential consequence’s of affecting you ability to play other games, so the moment they start taking a tougher stance, people will immediately rethink buying gold from a third party site.

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business intelligence says otherwise :slight_smile: People who buys from RMT have enough money spend in such kind, so need to keep them to do legal RMT when rid of bots…

“business intelligence” :]

meanwhile :

previous record was 827k :x

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And how will the geniuses from AGS achieve this?

thru business intelligence

And somehow the player count will continue rising.

in any other game, the community would be happy about it, and we, spoiled brat, are complaining…

Lol well yeah, any logical person would complain about bots being created more so than new players or return of players who have left or just player retention in general. Would be nice if the overall player count wasn’t 60%+ bots etc.

No way your reading the chart wrong.

They banned 500k bots and now we have 500k new players finally able to log in and enjoy the experience.


Botters take “additional security measures” and ban waves as a challenge, it makes them ramp up operations just to flex. AGS is trying to win an unwinnable war.

Oh, my mistake. I guess now is a great time to create a new character and go through the 1-50 leveling experience again. I hope all the new berserkers and sorceress’s coming to the game enjoy themselves.

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As someone who just did that, I wouldn’t recommend it.


you should know fully well that they only wanna do it there way, we have given them good solutions to these issues two step verification or negative gold for RMTers so they can take all the credit an say we did nothing to help with these issues no matter how much they ask for our feedback there not gonna take it into consideration because if they respected our feedback they would of made RMTers negative gold by then or made a two step verification for bots an please dont try to defend them by saying that there busy because in the amount of time that they had players could of made RMTers irrelevant by then or bots its not rocket science to set rmters gold to negative or set up a two step verification

Unless SG and AGS create an external launcher with 2FA and priority queues this song and dance won’t end, it will get worse.


You’re my priority queue Mr. Fisherman.

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Love u bbe :smiling_face_with_tear:

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come on bots you can do it just another 150k and where back at 1mill I believe in the bots fortitude. GO! BOTS! GO! its your birthday.

you know they aren’t gonna do that as much as it would be amazing idea with the bot issue they wont do it

also, with 150k bots more … LA would have more bot than CS:GO have concurent players !