Seems like they give up

Not a single word about fighting bots?rmt?

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Seems like they actually don’t know how to

Yes. Nothing.
This is the first step in getting rid off bots. Read the patchnotes…

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It literally will do nothing to stop the bots. Bots make money from 1-30 not the end game. This will just hurt the players who are botting, not the chinese botters.

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wasn’t the first step of getting rid of bots restricting trading to only people who spent money on steam?

Can’t counter bots, so must punish legit player what a nice idea…

Ah yes only about a month too late at the very least. Everyone was fuckign YELLING at them to fix it before Valtan and they didn’t do shit until now…

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I think making the items character bound is a nice compromise with the legions of players on the forums who wanted infinite chaos removed entirely.

They said nothing about punishing RMT buyers, so they won’t do shit.

I understand that but why is that a thing in first place?
Because their EAC can’t stop shit so they have to modify the game and how it supposed to work to counter the cheaters but this is not without consequences it will hurt legit player that makes money from it our income will decrease again and the market will blow.

This is always a game of trying to maximize curtailing bots while also inconveniencing players as little as possible. Unfortunately, you have to inconvenience players a little if you want to actually do anything effective.

Generally speaking, the better your anti-botting measures, the more you hurt normal players, so you want to meet somewhere in the middle. They could just ban all trading outright and that would stop botting entirely, but it would absolutely destroy the game. So, you know, they don’t do that.