Seems like this warrior hairstyle is bugged with some skin/armors

Recently this days I made a Warrior and customized by myselft, aparently the hairstyle I picked for him seems bugged by some angles with T1 armors and Alar skin (didn’t test any other skin/other armors). You can even appreciate the shape of a bald head, it makes me sad to see how this “ruin” a bit the look of the character and I was wondering if this is due a bug and if this could be fixed. Thanks and greetings.

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Happens with other hair styles and facial hair as well. Seems to be when you wear something with fur mostly. Also have this issue with certain UI elements, like Artillerist Firepower gauge vanishing behind certain ground effects. At least it acts like this bug but not sure if 100% related.

I’ve noticed a few others reporting this as well and so far no answers. This has been around since launch sadly.

Hello, I’ve informed the team of hairstyle bugs with other classes. I’ll inform them that this issue is spread amongst more classes. Thank you!

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