Selected Character Expansion on Menu, Received Reskin Ticket

Hi! I was attempting to add an additional character slot and clicked “Character Slot Extension” (I had already added a few slots yesterday without issues) but after receiving the “You need a Character Slot Extension Ticket” message and pressing “Ok” on both prompts, I did not receive a character slot but instead received an “Appearance Customization Ticket”.

I went into the store on a character and selected the Character Slot Extension there and was able to acquire another slot just fine, however now I have a Reskin ticket that I don’t plan to use.

I know most threads say “no refund” when pointing out confusion on item descriptions, but is there anyway to remove the Reskin ticket and add a Character Slot Extension as I saw no warnings this error would occur until after the currency was deducted (both prompts read “Character Slot Extension Ticket”.)

Thank you for any insight on this bug/potential fixes.

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I had the same problem. The Character Slot Extension and the Character Customization Ticket appear nearly identical in the Store and cost the same amount. I made my purchase during a migraine (my migraines cause some visual disturbances). Now I have a Character Customization Ticket I have NO use for in my Product Inventory not the Character Slot Extension I purchased. Because these items look nearly identical in the store I knew I wasn’t the only one with this problem. I hope they fix this soon. I won’t spend more until Amazon Games figures out how to provide actual customer service rather than profit off bad store item design and honest mistakes. (If Amazon can fully refund and exchange boxes of real world goods, they can figure out how to swap identically priced items in your Product Inventory/not consumed).

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