Selected wrong Skin From gift

So… in the recent update players were given the animal skins as a gift, I wrongly reeding the name selected the wrong skin then the one I wanted.
After contacting support(amazon support) they told me they dont have that kind of acces to help me get the skin I wanted, So I come here for help. (I hope that 1 of the ingame mods or a dev will see this)
ty for your time.

Hi @Sleep

Welcome to the Lost Ark!

I’m very sorry about that you have selected the wrong skin and not the one that you wanted.

I have to tell that the information given to you by the agent of live support is the correct information they don’t have the possibility to change the skin or restored once you select the skin.

Here in the forum can’t don’t have the access to change it or restore it as well.

Hope you can’t understand and we appreciate you patience and comprehension.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf: