Selfie mode in Instanced areas?

I’ve recently been searching the web for images to use for thumbnails. I can’t seem to find any decent images for certain bosses in the game at the moment. So I went to the boss and tried to screenshot it the best I could. I realized the “Selfie Camera” only works in areas where the minimap is visible/selfie camera button is available. Also the zoom stages from zoomed out to on top of the character weren’t helpful at all for capturing what was around me.

Can you please make this feature a hotkey for all to use without having to have a Minimap/button to enable this mode?

if not, is there a way to have in-between zoom stages for better control of non-selfie screenshots vs. zoomed out and up close to character?

Both or any other solves would allow better quality of life for us to capture and post the incredible world of Arkesia!

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