Sell unbound mats at 1340 or keep them?

So it seems like the majority of f2p are sitting at 1340 ilvl or somewhere around there. I’m just curious as to whether or not its more beneficial to sell the unbound mats as you get them and buy them back when honing rates are improved / the prices of the mats tank, or hoard them until then. I’m not super knowledgeable about the market changes so any advice would help, thanks.

reason for the massive price drop for honing mats is because thats what everyone is doing right now.

If you haven’t sold yet, and arn’t desperate for money, you could hold the mats and use it when they tweak honing.

That being said it’s only likely that mats will continue to get cheaper:

  • People will eventually cap out
  • More ways will be introduced to get honing mats
  • More players will leave the game reducing demand

Its up to you.

All prices will drop down week for week…
In RU/Korea all mat prices are under 1g and they sell it in the chat…