Sell us Power Pass?

I’m finally at a point where I am leveling alts (begrudgingly), and I noticed that the development team has done a wonderful job of making leveling extremely tedious. You can’t knowledge transfer all of your alts, you have to complete the story line on some of them to transfer to others. You need to manually complete story lines more and more the higher in content you get. Lastly, the cost of knowledge transfers reminds me of current gas prices. It is clear this system is designed to encourage players to purchase a power pass, but you don’t sell them? What’s going on here and when will this convenience be available?


PowerPass is on the KR and RU version, but “not here” (probably desactivated lol, may be later for the cashgrab, i think it’s too early to have this here)


I’m curious as to this logic, why do you feel like it’s too early or too late when the base game with all the features is already out elsewhere?

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(They gonna say “yeah but you can in your Stronghold with the robot blabla”, yeah yeah, crap af only value for Tier 1, for other tier it just validate the main story)

I personaly think (because of all i’ve seen here) that AGS will just give us a drop, month after month, maybe after the Valtan update they’ll activate the $ powerpass, with some classes releases, make sense. Like the “pre-order the next class pack” with PP included (or not), seal books, materials, skins, etc…

Look at what we can’t have access too :

“Pre-order starter pack”


Jesus that’s disgusting lol, I hate the drip feed route sooo much…

As i said in another post :


I don’t disagree with this, but I also don’t hate that we got T3 right away. I just think if alts are gonna be a huge part of this game and we can’t avoid it, then selling power passes seems like a no brainer. Everyone knows the story is only cool the first time, and repeating it over and over isn’t fun. Seems like a missed opportunity.

Except honing changes weren’t implemented until later content being released, not when Argos came out. Also there are alot of things extremely wrong that you just said.

1325-1415 honing rate change (buff) occurred on July 7th, 2021.

At the time, Korean servers had many end-game raids, all of which were far above these levels (1325-1415): Vykas Normal (1430), Valtan Hard (1445), Vykas Hard (1460), Kakul-Saydon (1475).

There has never been a time when honing rate change directly leads you to the highest end-game raid in Korean servers,

Hardmode abyss was 1355, not 1325, it also only dropped purple gear, instead of legendary gear and accessories that have guaranteed class engraving on them.
Artifact Gear for lower tiers is such a waste of time considering how quickly players can get out of there anyways. I dont mind artifact gear not existing until later on. No one wants to sit in T1 or T2.
Challenge Abyss wasnt implemented until later on, pretty sure we only had heroic guardian raid at the time, but yes we shouldve gotten that already.

Power Passes to T3 aren’t released until later when we get more content that warrants getting to T3 immediately. Maybe itll cost money, who knows. (Considering if its free, it may cause an issue with bots, etc)


It should cost money. That would be an acceptable monetization strategy built around offering convenience.

Why wouldn’t you be able to knowledge transfer? Isn’t the limit is for rohandel forwards? Power pass skips only leveling, same as the first knowledge transfer

You can knowledge transfer every other character. You have to do the story at some point.

I’m suggesting a power pass to the current content that your main resides at…or at the very least the step before. So for us in T3, a power pass to Feiton for example.

OOOH I see, my bad
(btw i hate too that we have to do story on alts, that’s so stupid)

Ya and what @Demonite said. Knowledge transfer has limits. The higher in content you get the more characters you have to manually level to open the option to transfer.

I can’t imagine the backlash if we were to get something like this for new classes in our version. This would probably be more p2w than any other thing we have in our shop right now as you would be able to spend royal crystals for a very large quantity of materials. This is exactly the thing that AGS worked to remove from our version of the game so it would be less p2w as I noticed that we are also missing things like honing material bundles that are usually present in the Korean shop.

knowledge transfer being kinda capped is so dumb, we already pay gold, why deal with a limit…


What if they simply sell the “skip the story and boom you are now here” without the mats?

Great question

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I think a paid powerpass is fine but the exact type will depend on where the majority of the playerbase is. For example if most people are in late T2 maybe we will only get a Yorn or Feiton pass. I would not expect a T3 pass right off the bat just because we are so early in T3 right now that starting in something like Yorn or Feiton would not put you months behind.