Selling back silver bought items to merchants (lost all silver by mistake)

I was one of those people that fudged the number on how much I wanted of a certain item and ended like this.

Went from 3.5mil to 8k and am currently in tier 3 and if anyone knows how much stuff costs at this tier you would start cringing at that silver count.

I tried contacting support to see if they can take my 120 Gelato which are useless and give me my 3.5mil back but they said it can’t be done.(I used to play blackdesert and things like this was usually something support would help with)

It honestly feels like a massive design flaw for there not to be a way to sell the stuff back and im not asking for a time window but straight up being able to sell the stuff back (Because im holding onto these 120 gelato just incase they implement something like this)

Any chance we can get this?I know im not the only one who has had this happen to them and implementing such a feature would fix an obvious design flaw.

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This game is burtal to people who dont pay attention.

One of the reasons I like it.

Yea because buying simple items like potions/etc from a merchant and miss clicking is deserving of losing all of your silver.

Go back to your cave,troll.

Remember to include those 120 Gelatos in your will, the last thing you’d want to see is bloodshed in the family, however valuable the heirloom is.

It’s a lost cause mate, just move on. 3.5 mil is not as much as you assume it to be now.

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I was thinking this was going to be like the Donut Maiden and didn’t want to search for Burt again, so I just wasted 400k silver on Coffee. Good times.

You get what you dessert



That is painful and it would be nice if thry gave you silver back but honestly cannot empathize with your attitude. The game clearly tells you how many you are trying to buy and how much it costs before you click the buy button. This happened because of your carelessness, not because of some “massive design flaw”.

Instead of blaming others for your own mistakes, try pleading for a favor. Because that is what it is, them doing you a favor for buying 120 gelato through your careless misstake.

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It is a design flaw tho.The game defaults on max item count so that doesn’t help either which is another design flaw.When purchasing it should start at 1 and go up not default to 999.

This can be easily fixed by being able to sell the items back or just having default purchase being 1 instead of 999.

“This happened because of your carelessness, not because of some “massive design flaw”.”
Its a game you tryhard.Imagine missclicking.

It does start at 1 by default for every purchase I made so far. It only goes to max amount when you input numbers above amount you can buy with your current resources.

You keep saying misclicking.

You have to click the item
You have to input the amount you want and confirm
You have to click buy

1 misclick or carelessness?

Doesnt matter.It should never default to 999.