Selling Hard Vykas Support Service

There’s a post that is so toxic about people selling their support service, and I thought I should sell mine too.

EUC 1465 Bard
Correct stats
correct engravings
correct cards
Level 7 or 8 Gems

Pricing List:
100k base price
10k to wear a head
10k to wear a shoulder
10k to wear a top
10k to wear a bottom
10k to equip a weapon

10k to bring the correct bombs/pots
10k to use bombs/pots correctly

10k for me to cast an attack buff ONCE
100k for me to cast ONE 1xbubble heal (why? cuz im saving your axx)
The rest of the skills will be free since I am very generous

Do pm me if you’re interested in looking for support for HM vykas XD

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You will hit the gold cap in 1 hour with that bubble heal price