Selling Inferno should be banneable

can we start agree that certain things in game should not be able to be boost in game?
People selling titles from Inferno, pilot Deathless etc…

I mean, This brings negative impact in game in many ways

  • Share accounts by pilot for deathless or normal kill
  • Buying title that certain people don’t have gold for. Assistance for RMT is higher impact on this
  • Inferno should be exotic not sellable, people who can’t do it must admit they are not the best player yet to obtain a title like this.

Some people won’t agree, some people will. But still certain things in game are meant to be exotic and you must put effort in a game for gaining it.

if this is going to be a thing, the title is meant nothing for those that did it the hard way, the ones selling are possible have more errors in question mark.

So please ban it.
-Argos, Vykas, Valtan bus is still fine <

add more things if you think this is beyond acceptable.

i talked to the guys its probably rmt or something cuz he said they ahve a lotalts at 1480 level and there are a lot of level 10 gems thats impossible inferno bussing was 198k gold before but probably all of them are rmter who buy it

Watch retards come here and try to explain why it is fine to do it.

This game is ruined anyway, these people found a way to swim in RMT gold without getting banned they won’t give up on it even if they die. Pretty sure AGS does not even aware of the issue.

That is how the game is designed. P2w players will always be better than the f2p players. Since bus drivers are f2p, P2w players are also better than drivers. Drivers are just our minions.

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For me, caring about a title is like showing the world you have self steem problems.
The hell raid dont even give you rewards other than a title that no one else cares or even read.

So why care oif the person bought the title?

Also doesn’t matter if the guy is F2P or P2W since you need to know how to play.

Ive seen a few players who were clearly whales but didnt know how to do basic abys dungeons mechanics. And a just feel sorry for them.

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