Selling Inferno title pilots bannable or no


If they need to play your account yes.

Yes. It is bannable if it is a pilot service.

You may not share, sell, rent, or transfer your account. You are responsible for (i) maintaining the confidentiality of your account log-in credentials and for restricting access to your account, and (ii) all actions that occur under your account, including purchases.

right at the top of the TOS. Even if it weren’t a big violation giving another player access to your account is always a bad idea as you are still responsible for everything that happens on that account regardless of who is playing. Meaning if they get banned for using hacking tools or anything else, you will have no recourse for an appeal. Your account would basically be bricked at that point.

If you’re playing and it’s just a bus, it’s NOT bannable.
If they’re playing your account so you get the title, then it’s definitely bannable.

Cant buss hell xD

The hackers can. Remember the damage hack?

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