Selling of T3 in AH

Hi all,

Is there any pattern what itmes are expensive and worth to sell? It is quite time consuming to check one by one in AH.
I mean if there is some guide what combinations are worth to sell e.g. Crit/Reflux which is quite expensive.

Thank you for your advice.

This website is helpful, but still time consuming.

this is what I use, helps a lot

Thank you for sharing. So what is your recommended action? If there is a perfect match sell it on AH and if not, dismantle it?

Also I am quite curious all my items drop with Inteligence as I am sorc. When I put it on AH, inteligence stat remain on the item for good or every class see it with their main stat?

I would try to sell if you get a perfect match and dismantle otherwise yeah, i’ve had very little success selling suboptimal gear personally, not every perfect match will sell since some classes and some builds aren’t played too much but they are worth trying and you will eventually start to learn what sells and what doesn’t.

The site also gives you a number based on how much a class wants an engraving, will be labeled CORE or #1-#6 or some such, so engravings that are like #5-#6 for a class might not be super high demand but something that Core and #1 or #1 and #2 with the right stats will be worth alot.

I believe every piece drops with all the main stats (strength, dex, int and such) so that shouldn’t matter.

Well i would say learn it yourself, the problem with guides etc and everybody does it, it crashes prices, when a big guid comes up to earn gold you have 48h to use it and than everybody will try it and boom, no more gold farm.

Understand and agree, but I dont think this is the case you are talking about. This is not a guide to make gold quickly, but just to save time to check every item in the AH.

well for this, you can save presets in the AH.
And with my aura, if you have one looke sometimes there when you are waiting for boss spawn etc and snipe the good and cheap stuff and sell it higher. That is what i do mostly to make good money. And with preset saved its like 5 secends to look.

At 1340+, people start looking for perfect matches only as the associated pheon cost makes it difficult and costly otherwise.

So, if not a perfect match for a class build, you can safely dismantle. You might miss on the rare 10-20g sell for non-perfect, but in my opinion it’s not worth wasting your time on those.

If you still do some T2 content, you can sell +2 popular engravings for 5-20g depending on the combination.

So should I focus only on Epic and higher or even Rare can have good value if there is a perfect match?

epic+ stones and legendary accessories nobody really buys anything else unless they’re dumb

you basically need to know what each class wants. e.g. both blade builds use spec and remaining energy prefers super charge. getting double grudge +3 cursed doll +3 is always good if it has good combat stat (spec, swift, crit), etc.

I do not understand…are you saying people do not buy epic+stones+legendary? So what gear they do buy? :slight_smile: