Seperate EU and NA reset and donw time please

I think most of us in EU would prefer not having our servers go down at ~9 am on patch day or having to wait till the middle of the day for reset. Reset occures around 03:00 in na and that is decent time, people have plenty of time before and after work/school/real life stuff.

There is an argument that goes “well just finish it the remaning things in the morning that you cant finish before going to bed” but this creats stress instead to hurry up in the morning to finish whatever may still be left to be done.

Patch days. Having the game down between ~00:00 to 09:00 over at NA is a much better time as there are a limited of people playing at that time. How is it over at EU you ask? Well, we wake up, if we are lucky we get an houer or two in before servers goes down at ~08:00 then it stays down untill 17:00, then we gotta finish all dailies before it’s time to bed, all day gone waitng for servers to come back up. People sitting there excited to try out now raids, dungeons, guardians, event and play thru all the weekly content they been looking forward to again.

I dont see a good reason why EU and NA cant have seperat reset times, I would even be so bold to say that the majority of EU would be fine with “taking the hit” and have our reset pushed forward the night between thursday and friday if that makes it better so we aint before NA as stuff like this seems to matter alot (putting NA ahead of EU i mean)

I would really appreciate hearing a good argument from Lost ark team/amazon/smilegates why half of the 2 continants needs to get this screwed as we currently are.

With friendly regards, Spillis.