September 7th Release Notes - 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST

The first of the September updates arrives in Arkesia tomorrow! Downtime will begin on September 7 at 12AM PT (7AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours.

This update is packed full of quality of life updates, major Stronghold updates, a balance patch and includes back-end tech changes that will allow the first round of server merges to take place later this month. Find the full list of updates, new settings, balance changes, and bug fixes below.


Greetings heroes,

The team is working through a fix that may allow us to release the September 7th Update later today, but unfortunately this will require additional server downtime. Servers are now expected to come back up at approximately 2 PM PT / 11 PM CEST.

We understand that today’s maintenance window has shifted multiple times and that the game has been down for an extended period. Once the servers are back up and running, we will be working on a compensation plan for our players as a thank you for your patience.


Today’s maintenance will be extended for an additional 3 hours as we work to get the game back up and running. The new estimated end time is 5 PM PT / 2 AM CEST. We apologize for the continued delays, and player compensation will be adjusted accordingly to help make up for this extended downtime.


Unfortunately today’s maintenance is facing an additional extension, requiring an additional 4 hours and an uptime of 9 PM PT / 6 AM CEST. In the case of maintenance finishing earlier than this, we will re-open servers as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience throughout the day.


We are beginning to bring the game back up region by region as the update completes. Some regions are still in the process of wrapping up maintenance, which means they may lag slightly behind. We will let players know when all regions are back up and running.

Update: Downtime is now complete and all regions and servers are open and available. Thank you for your patience during this update!