September Class

Artist boys.


artist will be one of the last
just move on



Let’s all agree that … it’s not going to be Summoner lol.


I doubt it’s going to be 2 mage subclasses in a row - so more likely Scouter or Reaper

The specialists (Artist Aeromancer) will be the last two


its 100% not going to be artist lol

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Scouter mark my words

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Summoner/Reaper - September
Reaper/Summoner - November
Scooter - January
Artist - March

Thats the list boys… its not going to change. You will find out next week for sure.


Summoner > Reaper > Scouter > Artist > Aeromancer > Female Zerker


Yup… agree

Theres no way they are going to release 2 spell casting classes in a row. I’d go with Scout for September >Reaper > Summoner > Artist. But I’d be honest with you with the prevalent lack of supports they might consider releasing Artist a little bit sooner. And I dare you to look her up. Shes amazing. I’m going to release some gameplays in couple of days.

it doesnt lack supporter, its lacking ppl that playing supporter

and artist wont come this year, deal with it

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Every Class got atleast 3 Subclasses now, except Assassins. Ill go with Reaper next


They literally said artist is after the first 21 classes, so unfortunately it won’t be until march at the earliest

Reaper, Scouter, Summoner

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It’s gonna be either

Reaper - Scouter - Summoner
Reaper - Summoner - Scouter

Assassin is the only class to have 2 subclasses.

According to KR class release order it should be Summoner next but I doubt they will do back to back release of mages.

Since Scouter will be super popular I think they will release it close to the holiday season where people tend to have more disposable income and Scouter related skins and mount sales will be on fire.

I think most likely is Reaper - Scouter - Summoner. It would be dumb for AGS to release Scouter in January where people are much less likely to have disposable income.

But this is just my guess.


We want Reaper, there is no comparative class right now.

While Scouter is just a rework of demonic impulse.

Summoner is afk simulator.


I think we’ll get reaper or scouter next. Summoner would be the second straight mage class and that’s my only reasoning

prayge for reaper tho

Summoner isnt even a real class cmon

It’s a DLC named “NPC fighting simulator”

Yep, Scouter next because they alternate genders since the beginning. Reaper is the most “popular” and appealing class, perfect for Christmas.