September Class

Reaper > Summoner > Scouter > Artist > Aeromancer > Female Zerker

We allready got a new mage class :slight_smile:

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I hold on reaper for september to more balance the subclasses for each of them :wink:

why you think that?? glavior and destroyer were also both melee

Martial artist and warrior. He meant mage by spell casting classes


Scouter or Reaper for sure. Personally hoping for Reaper :smiling_imp:

no way they gonna be that dumb to realease another mage/shooter class with only 2 assassins in the game

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I’m hopeful for Reaper but won’t be super disappointed if it’s not, just more time to save and higher chance we get a higher level express with it.

But they are different classes… arcana and summuner are from the same class.

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Reaper sept 28th mark my words


I’d be very surprised if it’s not reaoer. One of the reasons given for arcana was that there’s only 2 mages. Seeing as how there’s only 2 assassins…

Kind of a pointless thread. Wait 1 week and find out. ggs

Artist and aero wont come to NA/EU calling it a year in advance lol. Meanwhile keep enjoying “lf 2 support” raids

Reaper Plz
maybe summoner COPIUM

It’d just be nice to know, so you can decide if you want to powerpass a current alt to 1370, or to use it on a character that can be either Reaper, Scouter, or Summoner in preparation for them.

Give me scouter

Tell me you’ve never played Summoner without telling me

Pretty sure they are going to give another power pass / express with each new character. So, I would just use and enjoy. You will find out for sure next week.

Since when was Reaper more popular than scouter.