Serenade of Salvation bug

Hi! The spell from Bard Serenade of Salvation (#id 21130) misses quite a lot of its ticks during guardian fights (at least). It should tick from 8 up to 16 depending on the bubbles used. Atm seems like it only ticks 3-4 times.

Thanks for everything ^^

Same for me and my friend, and it’s more 1 tick than 4 :frowning:

Don’t know if this has been answered but, the skill description for Serenade of salvation did not get translated properly.

The current skill description makes it seem that with 3 bubbles SoS will heal each party member in the circle 16 times each. This is not the case.

The way it actually works in that SoS gets more charges/uses with more bubbles.

So using a 3 bubble SoS(16 uses) with 4 people inside it will only tick 4 times as a charge/use/stack of SoS gets taken away for each member healed.