Serious Bot Question

Now that the bots are taking over NAE region are you guys finally going to do some real work to get this problem under control? I mean seriously they can’t leave NAE in the same situation as NAW with +2hr long queues on every server. There is just no way for the game to survive like that right?

Every server on NAE has been busy at pretty much all times and that was never the case before. Only the 2 or 3 most popular servers would be busy at certain times.

And why the hell are bots still farming chaos dungeons? I still see endless trains in Vern going from chaos dungeon - gear repair - potion vendor - chaos dungeon. Lot of good rooster binding that crap did

I would wager an educated guess that they’re grinding chars to T3 1475 or something to get most gold from Una’s task. (The higher ilvl the more tokens you get)

Weekly una tasks.

Don’t think AGS/SMG gonna do anything effective soon. Cause EAC is garbage, steam launcher is not better. GM are too expensive for AGS and so on.

^ Exactly, at this point we either gonna move on onto some other MMO or stay long enough to become villains ourselves…

That is absolutely insane…these bot have the time to grind out the mats needed to up there ilvl knowing they won’t be banned. I can’t believe they are doing so little. Makes me wonder if they want the game to die.

I think they just basically have no idea what they’re doing so they are just shuffling around the hot potato. To counter bots you need to start with codebase. I don’t see Koreans rewriting whole game so there are no bots.

AC and launchers are things. Not 100% defence but still a thing. And EAC can do that job but you know - you need to pay to make it works.

They’re just farming mats to push higher T3 content. There are still a lot of gold generators that bots has access to:

  • at 1415, you get 3 weekly gold chest instead of 2
  • selling life skill mats
  • selling adventure tome cellactables

there might be more but those are the only ones on top of my head

We can all see how good of AC EAC is. All they had to do was to release the game on their own Launcher *additionally to being on Steam and require verified Amazon account (you have to make automated small payment with your credit card which is returned to you after that).

Warframe is in steam and have it’s launcher.

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You have a point, I edited my earlier post.

Nah they are not upgrading to t3 is total waste of time and gold. They just made hindreds accounts with 3-4 chars on each and spam 1b1 weekly chaos dung tasks on each character. You can farm hundreds k daily this way. Also there are players who just farm gold for themselves :sunglasses:.

About EAC - look at it as glorious golden pen. It’s look awesome and fabilous but without ink it’s just it - you can’t write anything with it cause you need pay for ink. Same with EAC - you need pay for optimising and make it works in game. EAC is trash dont get me wrong but it works in Fortnite(for example)

the saying “you either die or live long enough to become an RMTer” is actually true now

Yeah, if things not gonna change gonna bail after vykas(week 1 or 2) cause it’s just stupid. And I don’t like to win stupid prizes.

You play warframe?

looking for some New War enjoyers

Why not lock the high queue servers?
They keep saying about the new players experience, but the new players also sitting in the 15k queue waiting for a chance create their account, so what is the point?

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Played loooong time ago. Last time I just logged for needus prime frame(love his toxic attitude kekw). Good game but gonna go PoE with new league prob.

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Cause CMs says what they can say. It’s prob in theirs contracts. Maybe CMs give this advice but ,you know, AGS is very big machine and any advice can be lost. I love this game and looking at this situation makes me sad.

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