Serious Bug for Crafting Pots in the Stronghold

I craft Elemental HP potions every day.
3 rows of full EHP potions per day.
that would give around 90++ per craft.
Stronghold Level 67 so I’m not a mokoko.

But for some reason I only receive 3 from the greater success rate.
90 more base-crafted pots have been missing.
The 1st time when I experienced this I thought its my memory problem and I didn’t remember if I have transferred them to my storage or not.
Today it happened to me again and I’m 100% sure this Is a stronghold bug.
the pots I’m using are all bound pots so it won’t merge with those.
I have also checked my pet inventory to make sure.
but it clearly shows only 3 tradable pots received.

in conclusion, I have experienced this 2 times already.
crafting 90 pots but receiving 3 in total only.

please do something about this coz it is a lot of materials + gold + time + stronghold energy wasted.

Doesn’t the great success double your input? So if you great success an item that gives 3 you get 6 instead? From your explanation sounds like everything is working fine. You hit a great success on one of your 10 crafts so you got an extra 3 pots from that craft of 3 making your total pull from that slots 33 pots instead of 30.

but the total is only 3 lol
the other 90 were missing

It doesn’t do the entire crafting slot, each crafting slot has the 10 sub slots you can put items in right? So each time a craft finishes in those sub slots they roll for great success. A great success is rolled per craft not per whole crafting window.

You can great success 5/10 of the crafts or 1/10 or any combination of that.

the output should be 93 right?
i only got 3 for the total output.

You only got 3 total potions from all 3 of the major crafting windows?


crafted 3 rows and got a total of 3 only

You only got 3 from Great Success and none of the base crafts? Your total should be 93 if you hit a single Great Success.

yes the base craft was all missing lol

Okay then yea serious bug, I thought it was a Great Success misunderstanding. If you’re losing your entire base craft then yea major issue. By chance they aren’t stacked with other pots in your inventory or anything right? Pet inventory or main character inventory.

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yes should be 93 in total but only got 3 only.
my stronghold is level 67 so i know what im doing lol.

checked everything.

i edited my post to add in more details so it should be more clear now i guess

Hi everyone, I’m moving this thread over to the English-speaking part of the forum for more visibility, thank you! :slight_smile:

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did i post this in the wrong language forum?

I’m curious, you’re saying you queue up Elemental HP Potions in each of the 10 slots, not using the Stronghold version which are automatically bound to you, but using the unbound versions?

ok so in NA West we get so many free bound pots chests that i havent even finish using it with my 6 characters. So i keep using them if that makes sense.
And I keep my strong hold going with a production of 90 pots in the day and 90 pots in the night. so i can produce 180 purple pots on a daily basis and i stock them.
I will sell them only when the price is high or when i really need urgent gold.
I love trading so that is one of the reason i love this game.

That’s a pretty significant bug, I haven’t seen any other reports of this so far.

I’ll pass this thread over to the team and keep an eye out for more occurrences.

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thanks for taking the effort to look into it.
already happen twice to me so I’m very sure it is there.