Serious question

does AGS and SG actually care about this game like seriously?

there is nothing else i am just needing a answer from someone from the AGS or SG because no way it takes almost 2 months just to fix this games issues? like you must be losing so much money because of this. i just want a simple “yes we care” or a “no we don’t care”

p.s i am just sick of this game state and just want a honest answer that they have no clue what they’re doing

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AGS wants money. Thats it. SG’s main concern is KR region


SG does care, it’s actually the biggest reason why it became No1 MMO in the country

the director(Kang Sun Keum) showing passion towards the KR audience during the show case.

However, as a player who has experience on both regions(KR and NAW)… it’s completely 2 different games from my POV.

It feels like the NA audience is not even being acknowledged lmao

No SG dont care about our release… They just milking people … it is what it is

SG does not care about our region.

You can see how long they take to fix game-breaking bugs. They won’t code any kind of emergency patch unless it involves the cash shop or mistakenly handed-out pheons. The only thing they care about is, you guessed it, money.

Never once have they even wrote a thank you or appreciation letter for the NA region.

yup, maybe i worded wrong my first sentence.

i was talking about KR and i explained myself after, a few months on NA made me realize that it’s 2 completely different games lol

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