[Serious] What are the plans to address queue times?


I can understand launch events for MMOs are rocky and queues are to be expected. That’s fine.

What concerns me is the following combination of factors:

  • there’s no transfer “tech”
  • it has been stated that server capacity cannot be increased indefinitely (although we don’t know how close we are to hit it so maybe they are just waiting to see what happens)

Currently on EU Zinnervale, at prime time there are queues of 15k+ which takes hours to go through. If I can only game between 19:00 and 23:00 I can basically never play.

Taking into consideration the above 2 bullet points, if the server is at capacity already that means that unless 15k+ players give up on playing Lost Ark, I’ll never be able to play again?

What are some realistic steps taken to address this?

Can we get at least some information about how much buffer capacity is left on the servers?

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I am also interested in this. Thanks

I think it’s more that everyone stops trying to play for long sessions at the same time. Some will leave, yes, and that takes away some pressure. But a server can have a lot of players and still not have queues during most of the normal playtime of the game, because unlike now it isn’t the case that nearly all of those players are trying to play for long periods to level their characters at the same time.

I can see how that might improve wait times a bit but that’s speculation on our part.