Seriously another maintenance?

I actually don’t care, people who care so much that it actually affects their life and makes them seriously angry need psychiatric help lol

One night maybe. But 3 nights in a row? Its getting annoying. Some of us have lives and we cant just flex around maintenance times.


How about you put yourself in a perspective of EU players. Can’t play at morning because maintenance, then you have 2 hours (if you can play) and after that game is basically unplayable because of lag till late night. I forgot to mention 5 hours queues that you need to get past in order to even move your character. If you even can get into the queue because queue server is overloaded.


Unless you’re a hardcore pve player who’s rushing t2 content asap, then there’s no reason to sweat your ass off about downtime when it’s to fix the server issues. This is all temporary, so soon they won’t need to do any random downtimes anyways. There’s more to life than the release of Lost Ark NA/EU lol

I think people are mostly concerned about not being able to get in due to queue during the day, and not being able to get on in the morning(?) due to maintenance, therefore not being able to get the daily log-in rewards. I think…not sure, this hasn’t really been affecting me since I’m in NA. It’s 3AM right now. I should be sleep anyway but instead I’m playing Project Zomboid…

If it weren’t for the timed content, I’d say they are complaining for nothing but their complaints are valid. They’re going to miss out on rewards because of this and most likely won’t be compensated. Also, is it such a crime that they are eager to play? I fell in love with this game from the start and think I’ll be playing it for as long as it’s alive.

Sorry EU, hope you guys can get to sailing sooner than later.

filthy casual

There has been multiple maintenences and “hotfixes” since the release. What makes me curious is after all that shotdowns what did actually change ? the result remains the same with the players bein unable to play the game properly…

I’m a hardcore pvp’er lol calm down

Exactly what Piksna says. Game is unplayable from 4pm until midnight or even later in EU. Can’t process tower, can’t process guardians, abyss or can’t even do my daily chaos dungeons.

Yesterday evening the islands began to lag and have delay, too - so if you were unlucky you saw the island but by the time the server actually put you on it - it was already gone → no island for you

//EDIT: not even pvp works

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Bad take, whether you are cutting trees down or pushing raid content, every person has the same amount of right to enjoy the game. Especially when very little warning is given and the NA servers could be taken down at a better time. Like i said, once, sure thats dissapointing but fine. 3 days in a row is getting to be unacceptable.

im literally one peice of gear away from t2 and i couldve grinded the harmony shards to get there tonight if i had time. now i lose out on the weekly abysssal and vendors… im not even that mad about it i just wanted to let everyone know :slight_smile:

Not a bad take, people are crying about it like their dog was murdered lol