Seriously Consider Delaying Brel

The DC’s, freezes, EAC offline issues are so incredibly bad even more so in a game where it can ruin your week since tickets are taken at entry rather than when loot is obtained. I really think you guys should postpone the Brel patch until this crap is fixed because if people lose their Brel rewards week 1 you are going to have a a huge shit storm and lets face it there have more than enough of those…don’t you think?




Nah its fine, ppl still buy 100$ packs.


I just disconnected 3 times within 2 minites.

Cant wait to prog Astalgia of DC in 2 weeks.

of course, if they wont fix it till then, many will quit.

For if disconnects ruin brel, many people would quit. And this is different from normal disconnects. Brel is something ppl were preparing for months, so if that wont work out, it wont be very bad for the game.

is this dc issue mainly europe? None of my NA friends /server chats have mentioned this being an issue

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HAHAHA youre a funny Internet Creature my Friend :smiley:

so u wanna tell me when i dc its my internet yea?

i pay 180€ in a month for 550K Fiber connection.
when my internet is so trash then maybe my Stream or other Internet activitys would also crash + not thausends of people would complain about the same over and over for months/weeks so get your mind together.

Im tired of people who think they know everything and tunnelvision non stop. youre prob also gatekeeping with 1500+ gs but cant clear clown g3.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


No dc in euw so probably only euc

then its obvious why AGS gives no Fs /no prio on this:slight_smile: the whale servers not being affected

He’s gonna flag your comment, mine was deleted, you can’t disagree with these people apparently lol being dense is protected nowadays on this forum

ive noticed this a bunch of times, i guess u simply cant help it. most people on my server or in german community hate me cuz ppl dont wanna hear the truth xD

you aint gonna quit anyway


I am not talking about myself, but about others.

Also, i get no disconnects - think i got like one disconnect in like 3-4 months

update : Since 9:00am this morning I have froze on loading screen 6 times and needed to alt F4. Crashed to desktop 3 times. This is absolutely insane. Game has always been damn near rock solid up until 3 weeks ago patch. Since then it has been non stop constant feezing, EAC offline and DC’s. Serious question…is delaying Brel even an option you are considering?

You didnt have problems with EAC not letting you open game for 2-3 weeks some months back?
Ye amazon was blaming Players for that when it was EAC error.


wave 14 /15 two d/c

We don’t want delay for a major raid just because a handful are having few dcs here and there.

This is an ISP issue, give them a call.

Got dcd 3 times in the past 5 minutes. My friend got dcd over 10 times in 30 minutes when we tried to do clown… Other friend had 3 dcs in approx 1 hour.

After 2 weeks of people DC-ing out of raids, and then personally DCing out of vykas, clown, and a chaos gate all in the same day- I decided to take a break.

Its been refreshing and honestly I’ve lost interest in doing anything “important” in game because the frustration of DC-ing ruins it for me.

Is it even better this patch? Already seeing so many posts about people dcing it feels as if it’d be better to just quit until its fixed.

I don’t have this issue in any other game. Ive been in raids where an entire party DC’s at once. Ive logged in, DC’d from a chaos dungeon, sent back to the login screen, DC’d before picking a character, and then EAC disconnects again.

But for the first 6 months of the game I had no issue whatsoever.

If anyone can resist the urge to purge their remaining brain cells I think most people would come to the conclusion that the game is the issue.

just look at this…