Seriously why would you put Summoner in the public beta but still not release it with roadmap?

Makes no sense. I want my freaking class.


was the second most popular class in the beta and they still ignore


we got lancer so thats a +

The class I wanted to play, but cant for at least 3 months longer.

Sucks big time, but I guess they cant make everyone happy at once. My personal game time will for sure drop vastly with this roadmap.

Sad but true, can’t win them all…
Some with be reinvigorated and come back for the new class, some will leave cus their class isn’t coming out yet…
It is what it is

me too im on a SORCERESS 1400 ilvl as an ALT and not play anymore, there is only one dps mage and this one that was not even in the beta
ALL about they care is crybabies on twitter for ‘‘fan favorite’’

I’m a Destroyer main and I do feel bad for the Summoner and Arcana players, we are getting another Martial Artist and Warrior, when we only have 2 Mages and only 1 is a DPS. If at least it was 2 classes per month it would be better, but I think its just greed over player experience at this point.


it’s not greed, they can’t act like a 3 year old class it’s new content, players already know it from playing on beta/other servers and they already know what they want,imagine you see everyone playing with the class they like and you having to wait more than 5 months being tortured in an ALT?

Then why was Summoner in the beta, but not anymore? Yeah because you’ll just come up with another bad excuse.

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I also very bummed about summoner, i have been waiting for her release in the west for so long … At least I will take a break from expecting New infos about it for a while.

Classes are due for a redesign. It would not surprise me if Summoner is getting redesigned in KR and will be pushed as the new version here. Stoopz/Zeals/Saint talked about this last night.

Saying it’s redesign is just finding another excuse, because we had Destroyer on April and it’s probably one of the classes getting redesigned as well on Korea, but the problem it still halts players experience and vertical progression.

Seeing that is so frustrating lol.

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they can feel free to redesign it after release, so us summoners can at least push iLvl now to be at content lvl and also not have to waste a ton of gold changing mains, which will only become more and more expensive, as now you need something to play with and will want a good equip for that char

Then the redesign hits, you hate it, and cry how you wasted all those resources. Lose/lose.

Im sticking with summoner no matter what bro

Can I bookmark this? I want to bookmark this.

Imagine if you were excited for summoner, you enjoyed it in the beta and then it’s ripped away from release with no stated reason other than “here’s the shiny new class you’ve never played before”. Imagine you are like "well alright hopefully it will be the first added class since we NEED another DPS mage. You wake up today and see another Warrior and another Fighter class. Wouldn’t you be pissed off if you had to wait 3+ months for a class that should have been in the game from the beginning?

Yea i dont undertsand their logic…

@Roxx can you please explain their logic to us ? I think I’m too dumb because I can’t understand