Server authentication failed, but on an account level

It seems I’m getting the above error message (10010) BUT only if I use my account that has the Founder’s edition…

When I made a new steam account and tried to log in with that, it has no issues!!!

So in conclusion something happened to my account specifically and now I cannot log in with it…

Any help is appreciated…
I tried everything btw:

  • gamefile integrity checked
  • IPv6 disabled
  • DNS stuff in cmd done
  • using (Express)VPN
  • unlinked steam and twitch, Amazon account never was linked in the first place

Update: I spoke to support and they are aware of this issue and working on fixing it.

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That came up the other day. Something about the steam account not being properly linked to the amazon account I believe. I think there is a temporary work around posted around here somewhere.

Here is the work around: