Server Authentication Failed [EUC]

So i decided to try lost ark again after a while of not playing from being burnt out.

When loading the game i noticed it took longer that usual to load, although load times are long anyways. When it finally reached the screen to pick the server, i was met with a particularly abrupt error “Server Authentication Failed ( 10010 )”. I thought this was odd and proceeded to follow every guide under the sun to fix it and it didnt work.

Now i am at a point where nothing has worked so far, and i am NOT using a VPN and i also removed the google DNS stuff and reset it to normal DNS protocols. Still it is not working.

So now what?

Same issue!
i manage to fix my issue: if you are using LG software for your screen or Your Phone app on windows close it from windows (bottom right)… actually close everything! looks like indie company thinks im bot if an app works behind.

sooo annoying!

thats Steam issue something related with internet carrier…

this only happened to me when my network carrier have service maintenance or having congestion.

yes other connections to web or steam game fine but not LA. well thats my case usually.

Hello, @chad_masters @Densiz

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I’m so sorry to hear you are facing this kind of connectivity issues folks and I also understand you’ve done some troubleshooting already, however here’s our dedicated article for lag and troubleshooting I case you want to check it out.

Error Code 10010

Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues

if after trying all the mentioned above the issue persist , please use the link below to contact us through our live channels to further assist you.

:crossed_swords: Contact Us | Amazon Games :crossed_swords: .

Thanks in advance.


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nope nothing works (cant try wire connection but im close to wifi)
have to try a few times and thanks to slow launcher it takes time even with m2 ssd.