Server authenticationn failed error 10010

I have this error like all these other people.
What DID NOT worked for me:

  • turn pc on and off again :smiley:
  • verify game files
  • set time zone auto
  • router hard reset
    I hope anyone can advice for more.
    I have three accounts and all of them have the same problem.

Later edit:

  • have tried without success IP V6 “hotfix”

This problem however it’s on their side. Their amazing bot banning machine hit random accounts and the problem is dated back in 2012. Thats how we are hading to 10K players while they promise us Akkan.


What you didn’t do is look at how many of the same issues that have already been posted. Also having more than one account is against TOS no?

I don’t know. I have 3 Steam accounts and I pay with the same card so it seems they don’t bother :)) or you mean AGS? They don’t either. I’m buying crystals with the same card on all accounts.

FIX: Enable Steam Beta and you can play the game again


Hello @Jupanu, @bcmijk and @someswe

I hope you have a great time!

See you in Arkesia!

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Unfortunately your answer didn’t help in any way. someswe answer solved my problem.

Thsi worked for me. Thanks.

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Nop i have not the beta from Steam can Not Login Server 10001 error

is there a way to solve it on geforce now

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I’m having the same problem. What can I do?

We are still working on the problem for a fix.

same here :frowning:

There is a work around that you’re welcome to try until the fix is deployed.
Go to your Steam settings → Beta participation under Account tab → change Beta participation to Steam Beta Update

work 100%.

that doesn’t work in Geforce now


Does not work on geforce now


This worked for me as well.

Still cant Login.
“Steam Beta workaround” doesnt work!

Please get your Servers fixed.


I contacted support yesterday about this issue and explained that I tried all the “hot fixes” found on google and the lost ark support forum and emailed my DXDIAG to them and he escalated my support ticket to the technical team.

I received another email that simply said “Don’t use a VPN” when I explained to the PREVIOUS AGENT THAT I WASN’T USING A VPN!!! I live in America on AMERICAN servers. Why the heck would I need a VPN? I live in East coast on west coast server because my friends are on west coast server. AND LAST TIME I CHECKED THAT’S NOT ILLEGAL! There is no other game that I have EVER played that has had issues like this.

I have no faith in Amazon Games. I have no faith in the lost ark support. I have been an amazon customer, prime member, for years and years and I am about to uninstall this game and cancel all services due to the email I received that did NOT fix my problem.

I’ll try the BETA thing later today after work but I am livid. Your support team is incompetent and absolutely rude and inconsiderate. I imagine they are teenagers who don’t even have a degree. I’m going to tell everyone I know to never play Amazon Games and I sure as heck am never going to play another amazon game.

Good morning all! Is there still a problem with connecting today?

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