Server Authentification Failed 10010 issue

My friend (Character ID: Akingsss, Roster ID: Akingzzzz, Server: Mari) was kicked out from the game during the GVG today and got permanently banned with the error message " Server Authentification Failed. Please try again. [10010]". He had no cheating record and violation behavior in the game(The only possible reason for this is that he lives in Australia, but he never use VPN). Can you please check about the situation @Roxx? Or anyone has any idea why it happens and how to fix this? He really means a lot to our guild, not only because of his high item level but also because of his efforts and support to the guild and other guild members! Thanks a lot!

Hello @wsk20000229 ,

Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I am sorry to know of your friend’s scenario about the ban which has been applied. Unfortunately, this topic is not suited for the support forums as we do not handle ban or ban appeals via this channel.

Currently not us on the Forum nor the live chat team can review or see any information related to a Ban Appeal, this is reviewed by an specialized team through the ban appeal form, we don’t have any automated process related to bans.

We would normally forward your friend to submit their appeal in a web ticket here Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games, if they have not already done.

Hope this clarifies your best course of action.