Server change incentive

Hi I want to move from overcrowded Neria to Nineveh. I dont care about my soulfist cause she is just 32 lvl. But Ive already reedemed so much:
Like founder pack, twitch drops and Amazon Prime drop.

Is there any chance for Amazon/Smilegate to give second reedem of those to the players moving to less crowded servers.

if they give everything from the founders packs and twitch drops/prime drops then more people are probably willing to switch to the new region/servers

some people don’t like leaving things behind or not being able to get them again

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some of us paid 100$, still unable to log on to the servers we redeemed it on…

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I think so. I know ppl witch 50+ lvl and hours ingame, or guild man people don’t wanna to leave their servers. But since I didnt played so much cause connection issues. I dont car, I can reroll, but it kinda pain when you must leave shit you paid for behind.

They announced a re-issue of Founder’s Pack items a few days ago. It doesn’t make up for the lost time but you can get the exclusive items on your new server. Twitch drops and Prime loot are stuck where you redeemed them.

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Yes. Shame thou. Still prefer to change server and play game over having some minor bling and not use it due to queues.

they should give founders and additional rewards ONLY to euW, to incentivize the move, otherwise i dont see many people moving (i hope they do)

they are giving??? read?