Server Crash Error is Vykas HM Gate 1, cannot do raid on main character


I had a Server Crash Error is Vykas HM Gate 1, cannot do raid on main character.

Is there a way to resolve this? People have told me I need to receive a ticket for the raid.

Hello @Baelyilesh welcome to the forums!

We are glad to have you here with us. I’m sorry to hear about this situation with your server crash while doing Vykas, I know how frustrating this can be. We have a system that handles this issue, as we are unable to manually grant any re entry tickets.

Please read this post for the full information about this:

A few key points I wish to highlight:

  • The current system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects.
  • Receiving your replacement weekly entry may not be immediate — delivery could take up to a day, and the appropriate ticket will be delivered to your in-game mailbox when it arrives.

So in this case if the system recognizes this as a an issue on our end I advice you to wait the 24 hrs and hopefully you will see your ticket back.

I hope you understand. See you on the lands of Arkesia :woman_mage:t2:

ok ill wait 24 hours for the ticket thanks