Server crash happened 2 hours ago yet not a single statement was officially made

Title. Somehow as always when NA has sudden crash there is a post made by a CM to post their IGN there and what was lost. Not for EU it seems.

i went to ags support and the dude there told me that theres a “traffic jam” because so many people are involved. he hopes the best that my ticket is gonna reach me soon. we will see :slight_smile:

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If i losed a entry ticket wait 24-48 Hours, it happend to me twice in few weeks ago.

Its weekend people have free time too.

Thats a system doing it automatically. when they implemented the system, they also lost the “might” to create refund ticket themselves he said. so we can just wait.

Yes thats why bevor flooting forum again by i want my ticket now or i quit threads wait first 24 -48 hours and if no ticket deal with it cuz u like sayd AGS cant do nothing … thats the problemm

Excuse me? Official statement? They are not even aware that there was a server crash.
Do you really believe there are staff monitoring the server status and reacting accordingly? That’s too much to ask from a $500M gaming studio.


“gaming” studio

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I lost my Entry ticket for Kakul G3… and still didnt get it back after the server crash…

i remember they said there was a systewm that detects that kind of stuff x(

Ticket came over night. Thx. Now I have to take a day off work to search for a group that can start from gate 2. During the week, when most ppl work. NICE

Still no ticket…

Don’t expect much. We didn’t even get a word about what happened.

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