Server Crash on 5/28 resulting in lost tickets

Can we get an official response regarding lost ticket entries to weekly instances due to the server outage on 5/28?

A huge number of us are locked out of key content, myself being Valtan Phase 2 right as we were about to kill him.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Server: Shandi
IGN: Plapp

Agreed. This issue needs to be addressed and properly handled. No mere Maintenance Compensation with Aura of resonance elixirs will solve this. The amount of time scheduling with friends and trying to prevent a matrix of deaths from the Valtan boss will be forever lost without a re-entry ticket. Progression to the game is also postponed by a whole week.
It’s not fair for the players to lose this opportunity while others are able to get ahead while we stay behind due to server issues.
Give us the re-entry ticket Please!

IGN Chocococoa
Server: Valtan