Server disconnect W0x9-0PELPWP1P2NT

I’ve been getting this today everytime i logging in playing for couple min. It then auto shut down my game.
I don’t know what’s wrong. Anyone else have the same issue

NAW Valtan here

I got dced twice in guardian raids today

ive had this on valtan about 5 times now today

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Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

I’m sorry it took us some days to response you.

Are you still having this issue problem error?

  • Cannot connect to the server at the moment. Please check your network and firewall settings, and try again. 0PELPWP1P2NT: Please wait a few minutes and try starting the game client again after reviewing your network and firewall settings. If the issue persists check out Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues for more tips.

Let us know if this helped you out

Same problem

Yes, and I know it’s not my network I restarted everything. When I enter a URL i have saved or just click on something the website connects. So how can I enjoy a game the DC me after 5-15 mins. Server Landon NA East.

This error, and another, has been reported many times before…

This post has been helpful to a lot of people. I would give this a go…
Guide to fix error [WOx9-SPELPWP1 P2NT] May also fix [G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT].

Hope it helps.


Thank you so much for the information.

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