Server disconnects

I never post on forums nor do I cause an issue in games I play, but the DC problems plaguing at least my server (Kharmine on NAE) is making legion raids almost unplayable at times.

On a Vykas run today we had at least 3 people DC at the same time, 5 times over the 3 gates. We also had several sporadic single person disconnects before or during important mechs. This only started after the pheon maintenance from what I remember.

Is someone investigating why this is happening? Is there currently anyone working on the issue? Is anyone even aware that this issue exists? I love playing Lost Ark and this specific issue is hindering my and many other peoples ability to play it. Some info or statement regarding the DC issue would be much appreciated.

It’s been happening for almost 3 weeks now this reset. It’s being watched, take that for what you will. It’s been extremally bad today, worse since the last update.

I guess I really only noticed it, or it affected me last Monday maybe Tuesday. It is incredible that there is no word, even a short 1 liner from any CM’s.

Kharmine was relatively stable comparing with other server. But in the past 24 hours, its been randomly kicking people off server and give them EAC offline message…
I guess its time to let EAC go.